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Your website is your vital identity in the universal online marketplace. DH Design ensures your powerful Internet presence with web design comprising imagination, functionality and technological savvy for strong impressions and total ease of use.

A DH Design website is all that you asked for and more than you expected. We help you build more business online through an array of resources.



DH Design meet with each client to define the scope of the project and explore the client’s vision and goals. A project creative brief is then completed by the client to offer additional insight to the design team.process-1

DH Design offers 1-3 custom graphic user interfaces developed by the award winning creative team. Designers draw inspiration from the client’s logo, color palette, mission, vision, and comments from the creative brief.process-2

Once the GUI has been approved, DH Design begins building the website using content supplied by the client, or from our professional copywriter. Additional functionality and customizations are implemented at this time, including jQuery animation, dropdown menus, interactive photo galleries and more. A fully-functional demo is sent to the client for review. brief.process-3

DH Design continues to work closely with the client to make enhancements to the content layout and site structure. We also engage in extensive beta testing and editing throughout this phase to ensure all functionality is meeting our high level of performance. process-4

Client completes a final review and approves the website for public launch. Following site launch, DH Design employs the latest search engine optimization techniques to ensure top rankings and performance. process-5

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